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NASN members get sneak preview of Health eTools national launch at annual conference

San Francisco, CA – As part of the National Association of School Nurse (NASN) Annual Conference, InnerLink CEO, Robert Gillio, M.D., and Chief Academic Officer, Michael Curley, Ed. D., will give a sneak preview of Health eTools national launch to members. This web-based school health services application will help nurses serve more students more effectively and efficiently. During the preview, Dr. Gillio will share his strategies that foster systems change to strengthen the public health infrastructure, which are seen through this application. And, Dr. Curley will discuss the importance of collecting meaningful data through Health eTools.

InnerLink executives will be available for questions at National Association of School Nurse Annual Conference in San Francisco on Sunday, June 24th and Monday, June 25th. The preview and demonstration will take place at 10:00 AM PST in salon 5 & 6 at the conference.

Health eTools for Schools is a secure, web-based data management system designed to monitor student health and fitness parameters, help schools meet wellness mandates, and support a culture of wellness. Applauded as leading-edge, the program harnesses technology with best practices to provide online resources that help the entire school community create a healthier learning environment. By combining best practices in data aggregation with cutting edge technology and engaging content, InnerLink delivers software as a service in an effort to optimize health. Currently, more than 800 school nurses and 44% of the schools throughout Pennsylvania use Health eTools impacting more than 800,000 students. InnerLink is excited to share the success of our application with the nation.

About InnerLink

Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, InnerLink, Inc., is a health and wellness company combining information technology with an impressive set of content to influence, support and document outcomes that prevent disease and promote health. Historically, the business is best known for its development and marketing of a coordinated school health portal which includes electronic student health records and online health curriculum as part of its core offering. The company also creates innovative, custom solutions for clients to enhance its core product mix and capability. For more information, visit www.theinnerlink.com.