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Health eTools for Schools®

Applauded as leading-edge, Health eTools for Schools enables schools to more effectively impact student health and wellness with access to real time data. It is designed to monitor student health and fitness parameters, help schools meet wellness mandates, and support a culture of wellness. Health eTools harnesses technology with best practices to provide online resources that help the entire school create a healthier learning environment.

A trusted resource to more than 2,000 nurses and teachers in approximately 40% of Pennsylvania schools – benefiting more than 1 million students since 2005.

In 2005, Highmark Foundation partnered with InnerLink, Inc. to develop this secure Web-based data management system to monitor student health and fitness, while meeting the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s reporting requirements for schools. The development was driven by the recognition of the scarcity of resources available to schools to accomplish unfunded mandates and the critical need to reduce health risk among children. Since 2006, the Highmark Foundation has provided financial support that enables schools to access Health eTools within its 49-county, Pennsylvania service region. The Foundation’s Health eTools support was part of Highmark Healthy High 5, a $100 million, five-year children’s health promotion initiative addressing five critical areas: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Grieving, Self-Esteem, and Bullying Prevention. As the Highmark Healthy High 5 initiative comes to a close, the Highmark Foundation subsidy for Health eTools ends on August 31, 2013.