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eWalk® is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based tool used by administrative staff to collect and analyze data obtained during observations using a handheld device. This web-based tool transforms data collected into meaningful reports and graphs to support long-term improvement. Key features include:

An authoring system that allows users to create custom templates or lists that can be shared

Allows data export and view privileges based on roles and permissions

Assess individuals or groups, such as classes or user-defined teams

Automatically records routine data such as date, time, and observer

Provides instant feedback as well as report and graph generation based on data collected

eWalk PACE offers expanded eWalk® capability by including access to the eWalk PACE professional learning community.

eWalk PLUS offers expanded eWalk® capability by including surveys and polls as well as professional development resources including the easy to use iCoach Mobile app for recording classroom video and seeking comments and recommendations in sync with the video timeline.

eWalk HEALTH offers expanded eWalk® capability including the iCoach Mobile app as well as customizable templates such as the Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Rating Scales, or create/share your own templates.